2015 INANE Conference to feature the “Retraction Watch” guys!

I first became aware of the “Retraction Watch” blog and web site back in 2011, when I learned of the shocking retraction of several articles that had been published by a nurse I had met only a few month before.  We were in the midst of our 2011 INANE conference in San Francisco, and our colleague Geri Pearson (Editor, Perspectives in Psychiatric Care) who serves on the COPE Council, mentioned a “Retraction Watch” post that had just been published alerting us to the fact that multiple papers by Scott Weber had been retracted.    The details of the case are well documented in an August 5, 2011 post on the Retraction Watch blog, with more details following in September, and even more in October of 2011.  The tragedy of this case is amplified because his articles focused on LGBT youth, and they were published in reputable nursing journals. Most of the cases that “Retraction Watch” reports on are not in nursing, but this prominent Weber case heightened my own awareness of how easy this kind of thing can happen, and I started following the blog!  It is one of the most useful blogs that I follow – just check out this recent “Weekend Reads” post — quite a list of informative and useful information! We are very fortunate to  have  Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus, founders of Retraction Watch: Tracking Retractions as a Window into the Scientific Process on August 4th in Las Vegas for our opening session. This session promises to be not only interesting, but will also provide a first-hand glimpse into the work that Adam and Ivan are doing! This is a session you will not want to miss! So do not miss our early-bird registration fast approaching deadline – December 31st at 5 pm Pacific.  Head on over to the registration page now and sign up before the holiday distractions take over! Ivan Oransky Ivan Oransky, MD: vice president and global editorial director of MedPage Today. Ivan teaches medical journalism at New York University’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program, and is the vice president of the Association of Health Care Journalists. Adam Marcus Adam Marcus: managing editor of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News and Anesthesiology News. His freelance articles have appeared in ScienceThe EconomistThe Christian Science MonitorThe ScientistBirder’s World, Sciam.com, and many other publications and web sites

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feminist, nurse activist, writer, editor of ANS Advances in Nursing Science, quilter, grandmother nurturing the future of the amazing children in my life.
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